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Hello and thank you for visiting Gurgew Aeronautics website. My name is Max Gurgew and if you are interested in an FAA Checkride or Certification you are in the right place and I am very pleased to help you reach your aviation goals. My love of aviation and passion for teaching has been a large part of my life and career for more than 40 years. Please click on the Pilot Checkrides and Certification tab for more information.

Aviation ServicesPC12 Wing

Gurgew Aeronautics also offers aviation services in the areas such as engineering, system design, aircraft modification, airworthiness, flight operations and training, maintenance, test and safety. Drawing on more
than 40 years experience in the aeronautics industry, working with
both manned and unmanned aircraft, I am prepared to help you make your aviation project a success. Please click on the Aviation Services tab for more information.